Bringing an intuitive migraine management platform to market.

Ctrl M Health: Case Study 

Ctrl M Health knows that no two migraine headaches are alike; it’s personal. That’s why they collaborated with the Jefferson Headache Center to create an integrated solution for migraine management.  

Ctrl M Health partnered with Arcweb Technologies to translate their migraine expertise into a multi-faceted digital health platform that combined web, mobile, and e-commerce experiences to help more people effectively manage migraine in a way that better fits their daily lives.

Screenshot of graphs from Ctrl M Health app. A screenshot of progress tracking from the Ctrl M Health app. A screenshot of Elise from the Ctrl M Health app.


Rapid Product Go-to-Market

As a new company, Ctrl M Health needed to move fast—and the challenge wasn’t just about building a digital product, but understanding how to build a growth-ready business around it. Arcweb Technologies would need to work closely with every part of the Ctrl M Health team to help them transform their proprietary migraine expertise into a well defined, validated, and functional digital platform that would form the heart of their business and engagement strategy.

Harnessing Clinical Expertise

More than 40 million people suffer from migraine disease—but there are fewer than 550 headache specialists to treat them. Ctrl M Health wanted to help expand access to migraine management through a digital experience designed around the expertise of their partners at the prestigious Jefferson Headache Center. Logo for Jefferson Health.


Envisioning the Ideal Product

Identifying what you need to build is as important as actually building it. Arcweb worked closely with the Ctrl M Health team to identify the ideal product strategy, feature set, and architecture, as well as to create a compelling product experience that spanned multiple web, mobile, and e-commerce components.

Applying Behavioral Design

Arcweb translated the content and methodology developed by the Jefferson Headache Center into a digital experience that intelligently tailors itself to each customer. The app is compelling, yet easy-to-understand and is designed to drive consistent engagement and long-term trust.

Healthcare Experience Engineering

Helping users manage migraine symptoms is the most important role of the Ctrl M Health platform. We used our patient experience expertise to deliver an app that speaks to its audience and meet healthcare best practices. Building patient understanding was crucial to the success of Ctrl M Health’s product.

Our Process

Arcweb’s product methodology uses a thoughtful combination of service design, rapid prototyping, user-testing, and software engineering to bring products like Ctrl M Health to life. We emphasize a hands-on relationship with clients that gives them an active role throughout the project, from design to execution.

This unique development process ensured that Ctrl M Health came to market with a smart, scalable product that would connect deeply with customers.

Product Strategy

Arcweb worked closely with Ctrl M Health to identify core business needs and develop a product strategy that would inform feature selection, technology choices, and go-to-market decisions. We used a combination of market research and subject matter expertise from the Ctrl M Health team to lay the foundation for a successful product design and development process while ensuring that Ctrl M Health could faithfully deliver the Jefferson Headache Center methodology to their customers.

Screen video of Ctrl M Health app in action.

Design & Rapid Prototyping

After the big-picture product strategy had been identified, our design team brainstormed user flows and wireframes to plan the platform’s ideal user journey. The Arcweb team worked with Ctrl M Health’s clinical experts to create a content experience that complemented the Jefferson Headache Center methodology, then developed a clickable prototype to share with a group of doctors and test users for additional feedback and fine-tuning.

System Architecture & Development

Arcweb worked with Ctrl M Health to select the ideal system architecture for the product. An Angular front end, React Native mobile application, and Python back end were selected to provide the ideal combination of time-to-market and multi-platform capability, along with a scalable e-commerce and content management platform. Our software engineering team then translated the product into a viable technical solution that spanned web, mobile, and e-commerce experiences.


Quality Assurance

Arcweb’s engineers used a combination of automated unit and regression testing coupled with expert manual quality testing to fine-tune the Ctrl M Health experience. Extensive rounds of expert feedback were gathered to ensure Ctrl M Health’s recommendations were in line with clinical best practices, and special attention was also given to ensuring the mobile experience met accessibility needs and functioned well across several generations of mobile devices.


Two screenshots of Ctrl M Health app.

Integrated Digital Wellness Platform

Working side by side with Ctrl M Health’s experts, Arcweb Technologies was able to design and deliver an integrated digital wellness platform that gives users a personalized migraine management plan based on the proprietary Jefferson Headache Center methodology. The mobile app intelligently recommends relief activities, lifestyle changes, and other resources to help users effectively manage migraine.

Listen to Our Interview with the Ctrl M Health Team

Go-to-Market Success

Ctrl M Health launched in August 2020, accompanied by the iOS app, knowledge portal, and e-commerce site. Arcweb’s methodology delivered a robust digital product experience that gracefully onboards customers through the Ctrl M Health website before transitioning them to a clinically validated mobile experience and subscription migraine management plan.

Screenshot of Ctrl M Health app displaying UX design features (dark mode, Elise, relief activity).

Healthcare Experience Design

  • The Ctrl M Health app was designed with migraine-sensitive features like dark mode and a color scheme that reduces the risk of instigating further migraine symptoms.
  • An interactive avatar named “Elise” was created to better engage users. Elise helps the app feel more human-focused and brings peace of mind to users.
  • Many screens provide an emergency “Relief Activity” in an upper corner to help provide instant relief to users experiencing a migraine.

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We needed a partner that had a firm grasp of both product strategy and software development to get us to market. Arcweb worked with us at every stage of our journey to ensure our digital wellness platform met the needs of both our customers and our business.

William Gadsden, CEO & Co-Founder, Ctrl M Health
Headshot of CEO of Ctrl M Health, William Gadsden.

The Arcweb team helped us transform the migraine focused science and methodologies into an impactful digital experience. They delivered a product that incorporated empathy and human experience throughout the design.

Dr. Caryn Seebach, Health Psychologist & Director of Programs, Ctrl M Health
Headshot for Caryn Seebach

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