How to create a text-generation neural network

(And why we made one our PR person for SXSW.) Earlier this month, we launched a new Twitter account, The PR Human (@thePRhuman). Despite the handle (and its proper name, Very Good PR Person Who Is A Real Human), it’s actually the curated output of a recurrent neural network — a type of machine learning tool.

Introducing Traveler: Predictive Analytics for Philly’s Regional Rail

If you’re a regular rider of regional rail here in the City of Brotherly Love, you’ve undoubtedly encountered your fair share of weather-related delays. And likely, all you’ve ever been able to do about it is shrug your shoulders, stand around, be late, and promise yourself that you’d take an even earlier train next time. With a new app called Traveler, developed in the Arcweb Technologies Lab, those unforeseen weather delays could become a thing of the past.