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Who We Are

Arcweb Technologies is a full service, product design and development firm. We build web and mobile technologies that directly impact the bottom lines of organizations—from Fortune 500 companies to growth stage startups spanning a variety of industries including Financial Technology, Insurance, Bank Operations, Wealth Management and Ecommerce. Comprised of some of the software world’s best architects, engineers, developers, product managers, designers, business analysts, strategists, and project managers, we are specialists with cross-functional knowledge. Engineers speak design. Designers speak code. Business analysts and project managers speak product. And above all else, we are people first; passionate makers. We collaborate as a team and with our customers throughout a project’s full lifecycle—from idea to launch. This is how we thoughtfully design and develop the right solutions… on time, on budget and in scope.

  • Chris Cera, CEO

    Chris Cera

  • Nicole Arasim, UI/UX Designer

    Nicole Arasim
    UI/UX Designer

  • Ryan Sailor, Software Engineer

    Ryan Sailor
    Software Engineer

  • Johnny Bilotta, Head of Design

    Johnny Bilotta
    Head of Design

  • Ryan Haaz, General Counsel, Head of Operations

    Ryan Haaz
    General Counsel, Head of Operations

  • David Whitaker, Head of Strategy

    David Whitaker
    Head of Strategy

  • Brent Matzelle, Software Architect

    Brent Matzelle
    Software Architect

  • Joy Barnosky, Project Manager

    Joy Barnosky
    Project Manager

  • Howard Swope, Software Architect

    Howard Swope
    Software Architect

  • Richard Robin, Project Manager

    Richard Robin
    Project Manager

  • Ryan O’Boril, Software Architect

    Ryan O’Boril
    Software Architect

  • Max Furman, Software Engineer

    Max Furman
    Software Engineer

  • Ling Wang, Software Engineer

    Ling Wang
    Software Engineer

  • Shahrukh Tarapore, Head of Engineering

    Shahrukh Tarapore
    Head of Engineering

  • DJ DeFiccio, Software Engineer

    DJ DeFiccio
    Software Engineer

  • Erik Mulvaney, Software Engineer

    Erik Mulvaney
    Software Engineer

  • Greg Bright, Software Engineer

    Greg Bright
    Software Engineer

  • Len Damico, UI/UX Designer

    Len Damico
    UI/UX Designer

  • Nate Bomberger, Software Engineer

    Nate Bomberger
    Software Engineer

  • Tom Wambold, Software Architect

    Tom Wambold
    Software Architect

  • Melissa Kinney, UI/UX Designer

    Melissa Kinney
    UI/UX Designer


We have forged productive partnerships with a number of technology organizations and tools that complement our product design and development capabilities and, ultimately, help us build products people love.

CloudMine is currently the only HIPAA-compliant mobility gateway, enabling developers to start building compliant applications immediately without having to provision, architect and manage a complex, mobile-optimized infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides trusted, cloud-based solutions to help you meet your business needs. Running your solutions in the AWS Cloud can help you get your applications up and running faster.

Heroku is a cloud application platform – a new way of building and deploying web apps.Our service lets app developers spend their time on their application code, not managing servers, deployment, ongoing operations, or scaling.

Career Opportunities

Based in the heart of N3RD Street, Philadelphia’s burgeoning tech hub, Arcweb Technologies is composed of some of the best technical and creative minds in the region. Check out the careers page to see where you might fit.