Straight Outta Indy Hall

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As noted in a post on TechnicallyPhilly this morning, Arcweb has moved! We’ve taken up a new HQ  at Market and 3rd Streets, here in the heart of Philadelphia’s N3RD Street Community. While this move is a big moment for the company, it also presents us with the opportunity to look back at where we’re moving from: Philadelphia’s original coworking community, Indy Hall.

The fact that Arcweb got to grow up in the Indy Hall community is important on a number of levels. As a young company, it gave us a culturally rich (and financially affordable) home. Could we have started this thing with a bunch of remote workers, checking in digitally every day from wherever? Sure. Working remotely was and still is a part of our company culture, but having a headquarters is critical for the early growth of a young company.

Curious what it looks like to bring a digital therapeutics app from concept to market?

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Indy Hall also helped us shape our identity. That is best captured in the five coworking core values, penned by Indy Hall co-founder, Alex Hillman. Quickly, those core values are Collaboration, Openness, Community, Accessibility, and Sustainability—and they are very much a part of who Arcweb is today. (We cannot recommend strongly enough that you read about these core values.)

It’s safe to say that just about every person who walks in the doors at Indy Hall believes in Collaboration, Openness, Community, Accessibility, and Sustainability. But on a more tangible level, Indy Hall provided us with a place to be a business. Do you know how much of a lift it was to bring a prospective customer into an open bustling hive of entrepreneurial activity instead of a stable of drab offices? (That’s something that we’ve mirrored here in our new space too: totally open floor plan, no “C-level” offices… everyone in it together, accessible to each other.)


Some of the Arcweb team at the new HQ


On top of all this, starting your company in a cowork community like Indy Hall is worth it’s weight in gold when it comes to forming partnerships and recruiting top talent. Potential partners and talent are literally sitting right next to you. And when you recruit outside the community, it’s the community that helps create an appeal for incoming candidates. Who wouldn’t want to work here?

So as we begin the next era at 234 Market, we say thank you to the entire Indy Hall community. Our new place is your place. You’re welcome any time.

(And PS – If any of the current Arcweb jobs look up your alley, know that any Arcwebers get an Indy Hall Basic membership.)


Welcome to 234 Market

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