Play One Video Across Multiple Device Screens with Chappiecast

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Every two weeks, the entire Arcweb Technologies team gets together for what we call the Arcweb Forum. It’s an open floor where anyone can bring up anything that’s on their mind for feedback or collaboration, showcase what they’ve been working on, ask questions and get answers. A couple of Forums ago, a discussion started around the idea of making a singular display out of multiple mobile devices. I kept thinking about how this would technically work and roped in some other team members to cobble something together. After a couple weeks of work and a handful of sporadic updates thereafter, we had Chappiecast, a little tool that allows you to play a single video across multiple device screens like mobile phones and tablets.

With Chappiecast you can make interesting presentations, art installations and displays, but the real value in a tool like this is in the creativity of the user. That’s why we’ve made Chappiecast open source. You can view it on Github or download it here.

Special thanks to the Arcweb Design team and former Arcweber Ryan Petersen for contributing to Chappiecast.

So check out Chappiecast, show us what you do with it, and share it with your friends.

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PS – If the idea of working somewhere where this sort of intrapreneurship is encouraged excites you, we’re hiring.


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