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VotronIt’s been just about three months since Arcweb and GUIwerks joined forces to create a N3rd Street Voltron of product design and software development. Since then, we’ve infused our design capabilities and expertise into customer work; but we’ve also been hard at work at something awesome: a refresh of the Arcweb brand.

I invite you to poke around to get a sense for our new look and feel, but also thought it’d be worthwhile to share the story of why we did this…

When I first settled in to my new role as Lead Designer at Arcweb, it was clear to me that my first priority was to scope a rebrand. This powerhouse company of nearly 30 people and an more-than-impressive customer roster had outgrown its original, scrappy startup style. Arcweb’s outward brand presence didn’t accurately reflect the services—design and development—that it provided.

The new brand design began with a return to the company name as it’s actually registered: Arcweb Technologies. Why? Interestingly, I learned through numerous conversations that most of our peers in the community had thought of us as “Arc Web,” a web design company that builds websites with third party CMS and marketing flair. In other words, nowhere remotely close to what Arcweb Technologies does.

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I want this rebrand to communicate to potential customers and the community that we are a technology solutions company; that we design and develop digital products for the web, mobile and other platforms. I want the world to know that we are a full stack solutions providers to the enterprise and consumers building kick-ass products; that we are made up of some of the smartest software and design minds on the planet. Because that’s what we are.

So let’s start with the logo. It is no secret to those around me that I pull a lot of inspiration from autosport, particularly Formula One and other FIA sanctioned series. The teams in these race formulas always represented the epitome of technology at its best. And from the team colors schemes to the livery on the racecars, you get such a sense of sleek speed and performance. So it made sense that a new logo for a technology solutions company capture those traits.

I began sketching an “A” over and over again in the hopes some symbolism would develop. I went so far as to even try to make an “A” out of the existing swoosh elements in our old logo. After several concepts came out looking more like Pac-Man ghosts and Starfleet Insignias, I decided to simplify. I beganWilliams-Martini-Racing experimenting with a more hard shaped abstract “A” constructed of triangles. Then I pulled out of my note book the small drafting triangle I keep for straight edges and realized it looked like the start of an “A.” As fate would have it, during this particular sketching session I was catching up on the previous weekend’s F1 race and got the final bit of inspiration from the Williams Martini F1 Team’s iconic “W” insignia. It was in this moment I finalized what I truly believed would put us over the top.


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Previous Arcweb Logo

Previous Arcweb Logo

Arcweb Technologies Logo

New Arcweb Technologies Logo




The new logo represents precision and speed. It accurately reflects what Arcweb Technologies excels at: digital product design and development. And while we still embrace a number of startup qualities that really do help our company succeed, the new branding shows that we’ve grown up and are poised to build great products that function extremely well, but also are delightful to use.

I look forward to your feedback. Tweet at us and let us know what you think of the new look.

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