HIMSS has announced that it is cancelling the annual health information and technology conference due to concerns over the COVID-19 outbreak. Go to their announcement for more information on the cancellation. 

The Ultimate Guide
to HIMSS 2020

From March 9 to March 13, 2020, the healthcare world will gather in Orlando for HIMSS 2020, the industry’s largest conference and tradeshow.

Our Ultimate Guide to HIMSS 2020 will help you get the most from your trip.


Missed last year’s HIMSS?

Check out our coverage of HIMSS 2019. 

HIMSS 2020 Conference Overview

Conference Dates

3/9/2020 – 3/12/2020
Sunday: Registration / CIO Forum
Monday: Pre-Conference Events
TuesdayThursday: Main Conference
Friday: Closing Keynote 

HIMSS 2020 Location

Orange County Convention Center
9800 International Drive
Orlando, Florida 32819
Local Number: (407) 685-9800
Toll-Free: (800) 345-9845

HIMSS 2020 Hotel Info

A variety of accommodation is available near the conference venue.

Check out the HIMSS site for more info.


HIMSS 2020 Tip #1:

If you’re pressed for time, consider only attending the convention from Tuesday to Thursday.

(That’s when most of the best sessions are.)


HIMSS 2020 Keynotes

HIMSS 2020 has five separate keynotes spread out across multiple days – with speakers ranging from IT pros and regulators to celebrities and athletes.

Here’s a quick overview of each keynote, where and when to see it, and whether it’s worth your time or alright to skip. 

Digital Health Transformation: The Path Forward

Tuesday, March 10- 8:30AM- 10AM

Worth attending? — Yes! The morning keynotes at HIMSS are generally pretty educational and set the tone for the conference, and this one has a couple of industry heavy hitters.

Special Keynote Session

Wednesday, March 11- 5:30 PM-6:30 PM

  • Don Rucker, MD- National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC)
  • Seema Verma– Administrator for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Worth attending?VERY. The ONC’s forthcoming interoperability regulations are sure to be the biggest topic for healthcare IT this year, and this is a rare chance to get info straight from the source. 

The Humanity of Healthcare

Thursday, March 12- 8:30AM – 9:30AM

Worth attending? – Pass. Thrive Global’s focus on workplace wellness is a noble one, but unless you’re narrowly focused on stress, you should take Huffington’s own advice and get some extra sleep.

Two parties, One Stage: A Bold Fireside Chat with Political Party Leaders

Friday, March 13- 8:30AM – 10:30 AM

  • Terry McAuliffe – Former Governor of Virginia/Former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee
  • Chris Christie Former Governor of New Jersey

Worth attending? – Neither Christie nor McAuliffe is at the forefront of current healthcare policy, so for most people we’d say “skip.” ( But if regulations are really your thing, it might be worth the time.)

Mindset of a Champion: A Discussion with Alex Rodriguez

Friday, March 13 1:15PM- 2:30PM

Worth attending? – Pass. HIMSS has a tendency to book athletes and entertainers for the late Friday spot, but most people will have already left and the topics tend not to be relevant.


HIMSS 2020 Tip #2:

Not all sessions are within easy walking distance of each other.

Make sure you plan your day in advance and account for travel time!


 HIMSS 2020 Sessions

Not sure how to spend your day? Overwhelmed by the HIMSS 2020 schedule? Have no fear!

We’ve hand-picked the best sessions from the key topics you’ll see covered at this year’s HIMSS conference.

Patient Experience

AI and Patient Experience: A Balancing Act
Tuesday, March 10- 10:30AM-11:30AM
Speaker: Kevin J. Pawl & Nagi Prabhu
Brief Synopsis: To meet modern patient experience standards, organizations must recognize patient needs and adhere to their personal preferences; AI can do that. Nagi Prabhu, Chief Product Officer at Solutionreach, and Kevin Pawl, Senior Director of Patient Access at the Boston Children’s Hospital will speak to the importance of using AI to develop communication and further patient customization. 

Better Patient Experiences via Indoor Location Services
Wednesday, March 11- 2:30PM- 3:30PM
Speaker: Jefferey Saura 
Brief Synopsis: Who knew the health sector would be the industry to revolutionize wayfinding technology? Jeffrey Saura, the Chief Technology Officer at the organization will describe the application of indoor GPS and how they aim to steadily boost the patient experience.

Patient Engagement in a Mobile-First Market
Thursday, March 12- 1PM-2PM
Speaker: Johnathan Minson & Kevin Montgomery
Brief Synopsis: While other industries make headway in digitizing their services, healthcare providers are forced to play catch up and work to consumerize patient experience. Jonathan Minson, Chief Technology Officer of Encardio Health and Kevin Montgomery, Chief Technology Officer of Relatient, will share their journey to digitization and how they are reaching patient expectations.  

Cybersecurity & Privacy

Bolstering Security with Day One Identity Management
Tuesday, March 10- 10:30AM- 11:30AM
Speaker: Cara Babachicos
Brief Synopsis: There is an evergrowing quantity of personal data circulating within each healthcare organization. Large volumes of sensitive data usually imply labor-intensive cybersecurity measures. Cara Babachicos, the Senior VP and Chief Information Ofice of South Shore Hospital will share how her organization is using a Day 1 Identity management system to ensure secure data and free up staff time for other projects.

Promoting Safe Health Information Exchange Through Granular Privacy Protections
Wednesday, March 11- 8:30AM- 9:30AM
Speaker: Hannah Galvin & Susan Kressly
Brief Synopsis: Hannah Galvin and Susan Kressly will discuss how patient information ought to be regulated in the future. The DS4P and C2S standards are critical for advancing interoperability and protecting patient information, but they’re only stepping stones. Learn how their team of industry experts will give stakeholders a voice in the betterment of the DS4P/C2S standards.

Cybersecurity Risks of Telehealth Remote Patient Monitoring 
Thursday, March 12- 11:30AM- 12:30PM
Speaker: Natalia Martin & Sue Wang
Brief Synopsis: Telehealth practices such as remote patient monitoring(RPM) and videoconferencing are certainly moving the healthcare function forward, but at what cost? Natalia Martin, Deputy Director of the NCCoE and Sue Wang, Principal Cybersecurity Engineer, will highlight cybersecurity issues with RPM and share how the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence is helping to secure the telehealth enterprise. 

Data & Analytics

A Health Data Platform to Unlock Actionable Insights
Wednesday, March 11- 8:30AM- 9:30AM
Speaker: Martin Peuker & Florian Benthin
Brief Synopsis: The already massive volume of health data is growing by an estimated 48% annually. Historically, patient data has been unproductively managed and not set up for subsequent use. Martin Peuker and Florian Betnhin, healthcare experts from the EU, will demonstrate how to organize and regulate a patient-centric healthcare system that both secures data and uses it to improve quality of care. 

Capturing Social Determinants of Health Data Across Community Health Centers
Thursday, March 12- 11:30AM- 12:30PM
Speaker: Jennifer Polello
Brief Synopsis: Many now know that patient outcomes are heavily influenced by social determinants of health (SDoH). For almost a decade, the Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW) has shared data with 20 Community Health Centers (CHCs). Jennifer Polello, CHPW’s Director of Clinical Data Integration and SDoH, will explain how the network teams up with providers to collect and utilize SDoH insights. 

Combining Clinical and Business Analytics for Efficiency
Thursday, March 12- 2:30PM- 3:30PM
Speaker: John Tollerson
Brief Synopsis: The collection and analytics of various data streams (clinical, financial, operational) can lead to both the optimization of organizational structures and individual health outcomes. Chief Medical Information Officer of Kalispell Regional Healthcare, John Tollerson, will share how his organization makes more informed conclusions from data analytics about organizational performance and exercises more efficient workflows to meet clinical goals.


Demystifying Interoperability, Information Blocking, and APIs: Clear Guidance on Improvement Opportunities
Tuesday, March 10- 3PM-4PM
Speaker: Gautam Shah, Genevieve Morris, Paul Wilder, & Shez Partovi
Brief Synopsis: This talk aims to help health providers and IT developers anticipate the best ways to enhance patient experience with the new interoperability rulings. Thought leaders of the C-Suite: Guatam Shah, Genevieve Morris Paul Wilder, and Shez Partovi, M will explain what information blocking regulations mean, how technology can help providers navigate the changes, and share how other organizations have matured their interoperability processes.

Breaking Data Silos to Make Healthcare Work Better
Tuesday, March 10- 3PM-4PM
Speaker: David Braza & Matthew Neidich
Brief Synopsis: Without interoperability, clinical data is disconnected and providers are locked out from data that could improve the quality of care. David Breza and Matthew Neidich of Premera Blue Cross will illustrate how their product reunites patient data and uses interoperability to empower health providers. 

Challenges in the Evolution of HIEs: New Roles for Exchanges
Wednesday, March 11- 10AM-11AM
Speaker: Richard L. Snyder, MD & Neil Lubarsky
Brief Synopsis: Learn how HealthShare Exchange (HSX), the healthcare information exchange (HIE) serving the Greater Philadelphia area, has created a population health portal and taken pioneering steps in defining new roles and possibilities for HIEs. 

Leadership & Strategy

Maturity Models: Providing Roadmaps for Global Digital Transformation
Wednesday, March 11- 8:30AM-9:30AM
Speaker: Afzal Chaudhry, Hee Hwang, & Henning Schneider
Brief Synopsis: How can healthcare organizations and systems around the world learn to digitize themselves effectively? International health leaders Afzal Chaudhury, Hee Hwang, and Henning Schneider gather and speak to maturity models and their impact on the digital transformation of the health sector. 

Addressing EHR Burnout in a Psychiatric Hospital Setting
Wednesday, March 11- 8:30AM-9:30AM
Speaker: Damian Jankowicz & Tania Tajirian
Brief Synopsis: While electronic health records(EHRs) are meant to advance patient record keeping and ultimately improve quality of care, they’ve led to a grave physician burnout issue. 44% of American physicians report high levels of stress. Two leaders from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Damian Jankowicz, PhD, and Tania Tajirian, MD, will expose the dangers of EHR-related burnout. 

Building an Inclusive Talent Pipeline: Key to the Healthcare Workforce of the Future
Wednesday, March 11- 11:30AM-12:30PM
Speaker: Bilikis Akindele, Kathleen McGrow, Rodney Sampson, & Walter Suarez 
Brief Synopsis: Diverse workforces have proven positively impactful, especially in the healthcare industry. Retaining and attracting diverse talent, however, can be an organizational challenge. Learn what workforce development experts and industry executives have to add to the conversation. 

Population Health

Closing Population Healthcare Gaps Through Analytics
Tuesday, March 10- 1:30PM-2:30PM
Speaker: Craig S. Kovacevich & Andrew T. Herndon
Brief Synopsis: Population health data is proving to be slowed. Organizations such as the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) are experiencing 6-week delays in data that don’t represent the scope of potential opportunities. Associate VP, Craig S. Kovacevich and Senior Business Manager, Andrew T. Herndon of UTMB will demonstrate how real-time, actionable data is needed to produce valuable insights that can help patients and diminish health disparities. 

Technology Helping Reduce Maternal Mortality and Morbidity
Wednesday, March 11- 10AM-11AM
Speaker: Narmadha Kuppuswami & Frances Ayalasomayajula
Brief Synopsis: A new EHR technology will help to reduce maternal mortality rates using a routine recording of vital signs. Narmadha Kuppuswami, an Obstetrician of the Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital and Frances Ayalasomayajula, the Head of Population Health, HP will describe how the technology will help physicians identify and diagnose issues in high-risk patients. 

Health Equity – The Time is NOW
Wednesday, March 11- 10AM-11AM
Speaker: Daniel Turner-Lloveras, Daniel Wilson, & Luis Belen
Brief Synopsis: Thanks to technology and data, health disparities across the globe are no longer a mystery. Daniel Turner-Lloveras, Daniel Wilson, and Luis Belen will bring global health disparities to light and further the conversation on how technology can focus on health equity. 


HIMSS 2020 Tip #3:

Monday and Tuesday are the biggest nights for networking.

Most events fill up quickly, so be sure to RSVP in advance.


HIMSS 2020 Parties & Receptions

At HIMSS 2020, networking is ESSENTIAL. Every day of the event will be jam-packed with receptions, happy hours, cocktail parties, after parties, and more.

Here’s a list of some of the events already available to get you started. Don’t forget to RSVP!

(And make sure you check back later – we’ll be adding more as they get posted…)

HDM & Blue Heron HIMSS Happy Hour
Wednesday March 11, 5PM – 7PM
Taverna Opa Orlando
9101 International Drive ##2240
Orlando, FL 32819

CHXD: Influencers in Health Networking
Wednesday March 11, 5:30 PM
Café Tu Tu Tango, 
8625 International Drive, 
Orlando, United States

Happy Hour with Health Gorilla 
Tuesday, March 10: 5PM-7PM
Hyatt Regency Orlando, 9801 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819

Accelerate Health Care Innovation at HIMSS 2020
Monday, March 9: 7PM- 10PM
Andretti Indoor Karting & Games – Orlando
9299 Universal Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32819

HIMSS NC & VA Chapters Networking Reception at HIMSS20
Monday, March 9: 7PM – 9PM
The Pub @ Pointe Orlando
9101 International Dr #1003
Orlando, FL 32819

HIMSS20 – Chapter Networking Lunch Tickets, Tue, Mar 10, 2020 at 11:00 AM
Tuesday, March 10: 11AM – 1PM 
Rosen Centre Hotel 
Grand Ballroom E
9840 International Drive
Orlando FL, 32819

TN HIMSS Chapter Reception at HIMSS20
Tuesday, March 10: 6PM – 8PM
The Pub Orlando
9101 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819

GDIT HIMSS20 Networking Event 
Monday, March 9: 7PM-10PM
Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando
5800 Universal Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32819


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