With Haven, Amazon’s healthcare play has nothing to do with technology.

A look inside the not-so-secret plan behind Haven, the Amazon-Berkshire-JP Morgan healthcare venture. Update: In March, Amazon finally gave its new healthcare venture a name: Haven. Ominous, right? Here’s something you probably don’t need to be told: Apple, IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon are anxious to break into healthcare. And not just because it’s an $8 trillion market that accounts for 17% of...
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At Finovate 2018, Customer Experience Is King

A new crop of fintech products are skipping mass market to focus on lucrative niches After two days of FinovateFall 2018, upwards of 75 lightning demos from innovators and entrepreneurs, and products from every corner of the globe and every part of the fintech space,  two things are clear: There’s a reason Finovate is touted as the world’s premiere fintech...
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What customer service can teach us about AI

Machine learning has become one of the business and product world’s go-to buzzwords. Healthcare! Business intelligence! Personal assistants! If you were to take the tech press at face value, you’d come away thinking we’re barreling headlong into the future, with the whole universe ready to be turned over to benevolent automated machine intelligence.

Product Hacker Podcast: Blockchain

In our inaugural episode of the Product Hacker podcast, we’re joined by Arcwebers Shahrukh Tarapore and Mark Hughey as we dig into the ups and downs of harnessing blockchain for everything from healthcare data to mortgages. Is it going to transform the way we handle data and commerce, or just make everything really confusing? Make sure you never miss an...
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Aetna is taking on insurance fraud with machine learning

Data science and AI could give investigators the edge in the battle against healthcare fraud, waste, and abuse. Data science is big business in the healthcare world. From radiology to risk management to precision medicine, if there’s structured data, you’re bound to find machine learning and other tools being deployed to scrutinize it. While clinical applications get most of the...
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How to create a text-generation neural network

(And why we made one our PR person for SXSW.) Earlier this month, we launched a new Twitter account, The PR Human (@thePRhuman). Despite the handle (and its proper name, Very Good PR Person Who Is A Real Human), it’s actually the curated output of a recurrent neural network — a type of machine learning tool.