Product Hacker: How Companies Let Billion Dollar Products Walk Out the Door (And How They Can Stop!)

It’s a stereotype that enterprises struggle with innovation. Despite big budgets, deep skillsets, and lengthy timelines – or, frequently, because of them – big organizations have been getting outflanked by smaller, faster upstarts for decades. But does it need to be that way? Before we answer that question, let’s talk about three employees at a large organization. There’s a designer, a...
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Arcweb attends the MedCity CONVERGE Healthcare Conference 2019

Last week, the Arcweb team attended MedCity CONVERGE, an annual conference about digital healthcare innovation, and precision medicine organized by MedCity News. As in past years, 2019’s edition of MedCity CONVERGE featured a packed day of panels and presentations from every corner of the digital health landscape, with topics ranging from oncology precision medicine to patient engagement. Speakers ran the gamut...
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WWDC 2019 Highlights for Product Management and Digital Health

We’re just closing out our review of WWDC 2019, and we wanted to highlight some of the major themes from this year’s conference as it pertains to Product Management and Digital Health.  Apple provides videos of all of their presentations online, and so everything mentioned in this publication has already been published by Apple.  Apple also publishes its own version...
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How will the healthcare world respond to the U.S.’s new data interoperability regulations?

(Pictured: The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pension met in March to discuss the impact of proposed data interoperability regulations. Source: Senate HELP) In February, the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services dropped a major bombshell on the healthcare IT world – new healthcare interoperability regulations. The new draft regulations, which originated in the 21st Century Cures Act that...
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What to watch and what to ignore at HIMSS 2019

Next week, hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of healthtech pros will descend on Orlando to share the latest technologies and visions of tomorrow’s healthcare experience. But it’s not all big news and new frontiers. For every breakthrough, there will be flops, also-rans, and never-weres.
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